HOR Mengheang

Bachelor of Biology, Certificate of Upper Secondary School Teacher, Master of Public Administration and Policy, Master of Educational and Financial Planning, Master of Educational Science, Doctor of Leadership Ministry, Working experience: 1992-1993 Identifier(UNTAC), 1993-1999 English Teacher, 2000-2004 Teacher of Biology, 2002-2008 Assistant to Councils of Ministers, 2006-2007 Institutional Advisor, 2007-2008 Program assistant JICA Cambodia, 2005-2011 Legal official at MoEYS, 2003-2013 paralegal consultant, 2013-2014 Business consultant, 2011-2015 chief office Ministry of Interior, 2016-2017 National Master Teacher Trainer-TVETSDP, 2018-2020 National Assessment Specialist-TVETSDP, 2020 National legal consultant -SDC-TVET law, 2021 (March June)Team leader-TVETSDP-Soft skills modules development, 2021(July)-2022(March) Deputy Team Leader-Skills Measurement Survey-TVETSDP, 2021(Nov)-2024 Deputy Team Leader -REI/S4C

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